If someone asked me to name my least-favorite part of parenthood, my answer would be simple.


So much pee.

I thought all children were supposed to be potty trained by the age of two with the exception of a month or so learning curve to master the overnight bladder control. I know. Don’t laugh. I’m still fairly new to this whole parenting thing.

A significant portion of my life involves cleaning up pee. From diaper changes gone wrong to my toddler miscalculating exactly how long it would take her to run to the bathroom and losing control of her bladder right in front of the potty. No joke, there is a daily non-negotiable load of laundry that is dedicated to pee-soaked items.  So, you can imagine my panic when the unthinkable happened: our trusty ol’ dryer finally took its last semi-warm breath.

When I came to this realization, I had a bunch of soaking wet clothes already in the washing machine, plus my regular mountain of dirty clothes to contend with. I stared at the pile of laundry and could already smell the mold, mildew, and ammonia that would inevitably start to permeate through the house. I knew we were in no position to purchase a new dryer. Heck! We were still paying off the washing machine we had to purchase this summer. *Cue the panic*

As I’m having visions of colonial living and stringing up a make-shift clothes line across the house…


…. Jake suggests that I post on my Facebook mom groups asking if anyone was selling a dryer for cheap.  A few responses suggested going to a laundromat but really, who has time for that?? Others suggested resale shops in the area. One sweet friend even posted on her personal Facebook account asking her friends on my behalf. I was about to start calling resale shops when I got this text from a girl in my small group Bible study:

text 2

My response:


I called Jake into the room and showed him the text and we both stood there in shock for a good minute. In the seven years of our marriage, we had not experienced this kind of generosity from someone (other than our parents) and we struggled with even knowing how to say “yes.”

Over a year ago, our church initiated a campaign where we were challenged to actively and generously show bold love to neighbors, coworkers, and our community on a personal level. Our pastors encouraged us to love on people by stopping what we’re doing, looking around us, and meeting the needs we see in a way that the recipients of our bold love can’t even wrap their minds around why someone would love them so generously.

This is exactly how we were loved.

As we were standing in our living room with tears streaming down our faces, we humbly accepted this couple’s offer.

The level of love shown to us through this extravagant gift blew my mind so much that it consumed my thoughts during my shower that night and I stepped out to realize I had only shaved one leg! Doh! For those of you who know me, you know that I am no saint-like soul that is deserving of this display of love. I’d basically describe myself as a train wreck in a dumpster fire riding the struggle bus. I know that if I were to stack up my cards against most of the people I go to church with, I’d fold every time. I’m not good at following rules and I probably (definitely) drink too much wine. And yet, here I am with a brand new dryer and a mold-free stack of clean laundry not because of anything I’ve done but because of God’s unconditional love and grace He poured out on me through the work of Jesus and this precious couple who were obedient to the call to share that love boldly.


If you’re in the South Houston area and are interested in learning more about the ultimate love displayed through the person & work of Jesus and in joining a community of people who are trying to live out this love, come and sit with me during service at noon (’cause I like to sleep in.) Message me!



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