We are the League of Lungaros. Thank you for visiting our blog and wanting to learn a little about us.

The League includes:


Jacob Lungaro & Sarah “Stormy” Lungaro (married on April 24, 2010). We live in Bacliff, Texas where Jacob works as a manager for The Flying Dutchman in Kemah and Sarah works as the volunteer coordinator for Anchor Point Ministries.


Eloise Lungaro (born March 19, 2013) and Luke Lungaro (born August 26, 2015). Eloise enjoys dancing, wearing “ballerinas”(dresses), and all things Frozen. Luke enjoys terrorizing his sister.

And our fur babies, Dexter (Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, born 3/2011) & Clover (Redbone Coonhound mix, born 3/2014).

For the last year, we have tried unsuccessfully to grow our family through foster & adoption. We have been through several agencies that have denied our applications because SOMEBODY (*Jacob*cough*cough*) decided to go a little crazy in his younger years and acquire himself a felony. Doh!  Our story of adoption may be put on hold for the next few years but I have faith that God put this desire in our hearts and He’ll bring our dream to fruition.

This blog, though started with the heart of sharing our adoption story, is more just a story of parenting, marriage, and life. We love to dialogue with parents & people all over the world so, if you have questions, comments, or need advice, here are some great ways to connect with us:

We hope our words will be an encouragement to you and your family. Happy reading!


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